Hygge is about dreams - and ours was to open a café where guests can come and be themselves. Like, really being themselves. A café with a relaxed and heart-warming atmosphere with good food and drinks. A place surrounded by what characterizes the Danes best - their hygge.

Café Hygge Nørrebrogade 28 Nørrebro

With 16 years of professional experience from the catering industry in Copenhagen, we are motivated by giving our guests a service they do not forget. We have an interest in you and are curious about who you are. When the circumstances permit it, we are also looking forward to having a talk about the ups and downs in life.
The idea of starting a café focused on 'hygge' comes from our desire to always feel at home wherever we are.
Below you can read about what we do to make you feel welcomed and at home. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Tilfredshedsgaranti Café Hygge

At Café Hygge we take service seriously and put an honour in making the food and drink we serve. We collect happy moments and offer everyone a service that meets the cafés Satisfaction Guarantee. It is simply our responsibility.

Equality, righteousness and respect.

At Café Hygge we are not satisfied with the term 'good enough' - we always do it wholeheartedly, and our guests' expectations and needs are always given the highest priority. Everyone visiting the café should have the best experience and we go a long way to do so with the following actions:

An unsatisfied guest receives a new product or their money back if we're made aware of any dissatisfaction before the product has been consumed.

Our satisfaction guarantee is your security so that you can always have full confidence in us. You never have to doubt our wishes and ambitions to deliver the best experience to everyone - on every occasion.

Our products and selection

Café Hygge - 30-60 % organic


At Café Hygge we care about food and nutrition, why we're focused on organic products, health and well-being. Initially, we have received the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's Organic 'Spisemærke 30 - 60% '. If possible, and if there is enough interest, we will look into the possibilities of increasing the number of organic products in the future. Price and quality must, of course, go hand in hand.

In the café, we have a wide selection including breakfast, sandwiches, salads, deluxe Danish 'smørrebrød', warm dishes, food to share, smoothies, homemade cakes and drinks. We simply make what we are good at - to perfection. It is quality rather than quantity when it comes to our selection.

Distinctive character 

Right from the start, we agreed that interior and decoration should reflect who we are as people (see 'About Us' at the bottom of the page), respect our individual cultural heritage, as well as represent the surroundings we enjoy being in ourselves. The café is characterized by having many different types of furniture, interior, service and work tools from 'granny's childhood home'.

The decoration painted on the walls of the café originates from Vivien's Hungarian roots. The decoration is called Kalocsa, which is both an embroidery style and the name of a city 130 km south of the capital, Budapest.Kalocsa mønster Café Hygge

Despite the granny style interior and relaxed atmosphere Café Hygge is on the beat.

You'll find us on both Facebook and Instagram.

 Hygge & The Environment

Grøn genbrug Café Hygge

As a café, it can be very difficult to remove all harmful elements from our production, but we will go far to do ours for a greener future. Therefore we have allied with suppliers who can provide environmentally friendly and compostable products. All cleaning materials are labeled with the official Svanemærke (Swan label) and EU Flower, and are without perfume and colorants. A large part of our takeaway packaging is made of bio plastic such as corn starch and is thus 100% compostable. Napkins in the cafe bear the FSC label, as we support the fact that no more trees are cut down than the forests can manage to reproduce. And yes, even the power is green!

Furniture and decorations in the café are all purchased 2nd hand or recycled, both for the sake of the environment and the story that the things bring with them. It doesn't hurt that all the elements have a little bit of hygge experience with them when they end up in the café.

Our menu and general methods of prepping and cooking in the kitchen are selected with great regard for food waste. We strive to make full use of all raw materials every day to ensure the least possible strain on both the environment and your wallet. It is not just common sense to reduce food waste, it is also healthy for the economy.

Svanemærket logo - Café Hygge  Ecolabel - Café Hygge  Naturesse logo - Café Hygge  FSC logo - Café Hygge Café Hygge Natur-Energi logo

Hygge's neighbourhood

Café Hygge - Find Hygge


With the location at Nørrebrogade 28, Café Hygge has landed in the most hip and colorful district of Copenhagen, which houses an exciting and diverse array of people. The cultural melting pot surrounding the café offers lots of small designer shops, recycle stores and cosy streets and alleys. There is something for everyone, so ask us if you need any inspiration as to what might be interesting for you to see in the area. We're happy to give you tips - just go and discover!

A few hundred meters up the road you'll find the Assistens' Cemetery - the one with the yellow wall, where it is possible to see the tombs of several famous people, such as H. C. Andersen, Søren Kirkegaard and the rapper Natasja Saad. It is a really nice place where people go on coffee dates or to have a picnic, as the cemetery has a lot of green areas.

The opposite way, towards the inner city, we have the Queen Louise's Bridge. When the sun is out, it's a must to hang out here. In good weather, young and old gather together on the bridge after school or work, slow down and let time stand still for a while. Bring your lunch and find a cosy spot between the others. It truly wonderful and cosy - and something to experience!

About Us

Vivien Vadkerti

Origin: Hungary

Age: 24 år

Background: Came to Denmark in 2013. 3 years in the restaurant sector in Copenhagen. Bachelor in International Hospitality Management. Educated Barista

Motivation: Always wanted to have her own little company, being able to talk to guests. Has a passion for baked goods, cakes and experimenting with healthy food. 

Personal interests: Healthy living, yoga, embroidery, travelling, saving the environment, cooking, books about food and nutrition, culture and language.

Vivien & Christian Café Hygge

Christian Kronborg

Origin: Denmark

Age: 30 years

Background:  Grew up in Greater Copenhagen. 13 years in the restaurant sector in Copenhagen. Bachelor in International Hospitality Management.

Motivation: Always wanted to have his own place. Natural need for having people around him. To give an extraordinary experience, when guests expect the mundane.

Personal interests: Running and weightlifting, MC, travelling, books about personal development, Backgammon and table tennis.

When you meet Ms. right...

At the start of my International Hospitality Management studies August 2015, I fell in love. The education was exciting and something I really enjoyed at first. But what held my attention this summer, and what turned out to be the next many months, was this Hungarian girl from my new parallel class. I'd never felt that I was particularly good at 'wooing', but I must have done something right. It certainly took some time, but with some persuasion... and perseverance, she slowly began to show interest in me too. And at the end of November, we finally became 'a couple'.

Café Hygge hjerte png

Funny enough she had just finished her A.P degree in Service Management, where she had written a project about starting up her own food store in Copenhagen. When I learned this about her, I immediately started drawing and telling her how I'd wanted to start my own business for the last 10 years, but how I also felt that it would be too hard to start such an enterprise alone. We looked at each other, the girl smiled and was equally turned on by the thought as me. An opportunity had emerged. An opportunity to start something together. Something where we could use each other's strengths - and help each other in our challenges.

This became the start of Vivien's and my adventure to start our own place - Café Hygge.

- Christian Kronborg, May 2018.

  We look forward to welcoming you!

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